June 9, 2020
A4B2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors with reduced or increased nicotine sensitivity and transgenic mouse model for the same)

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March 24, 2020

Valance-Washington A, Ferrer-Acosta Y, Morales J, Reyes-Baez F

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July 23, 2019
High-throughput crystallographic screening device and method for crystalizing membrane proteins using a sub physiological resting membrane potential across a lipid matrix of variable composition

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October 23, 2018
Supramolecular hacky sacks (SHS), method of synthesis and applications thereof

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May 16, 2017
Site-directed RNA editing

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July 1, 2013
Para-aminobenzamidine linked regenerated cellulose membranes for plasminogen activator purification: effect of spacer arm length and ligand density.

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June 1, 2013
Efhd2 Is A Novel Amyloid Protein Associated To Pathological Tau In Alzheimer’s Disease.

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June 1, 2013
Molecular Tolerance of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels is Evident After Short Exposures to Alcohol in Vasopressin-Releasing Nerve Terminals.

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